A Year in Review: Navigating Wellness in Perimenopause Together

As we bid farewell to another challenging year, I thought I would put together a post with all the topics we’ve covered together over the last 12 months.

It’s been a year of growth, insight, and empowerment, covering everything from fitness goals to cultivating a positive body image.

Keep reading for a roundup of our shared journey and save this post for later!


How to Keep New Year’s Fitness Goals

Setting the tone for the year, we delved into effective strategies for maintaining those ambitious New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Hint: It’s all about sustainable habits and realistic expectations when it comes to wellness in perimenopause!

ADHD and Perimenopause

Navigating the unique challenges of perimenopause with ADHD this post takes a look into understanding and managing the relationship between these two aspects of women’s health. 


Why Should You Have a Blood Test

Demystifying the importance of blood tests – a crucial aspect of proactively monitoring and maintaining your health. 

Reasons to Hire a Coach

Exploring the transformative benefits of coaching, uncovering how it can be a game-changer in achieving personal and wellness goals. 


HRT Has A Bad Rep

A comprehensive guide to Hormone Replacement Therapy, demystifying the choices and considerations for women approaching or in perimenopause. 

Perimenopause: What to Look For and What Steps to Take

This post is aimed at encouraging wellness throughout perimenopause by sharing knowledge about recognising the signs and taking proactive steps toward well-being. 


Perimenopause and Coffee. Do You Have To Quit?

In this post, we navigated one of the most common questions I get asked. Can I still drink coffee in perimenopause? We took a look at the myth surrounding coffee consumption and provided clarity on its impact. 

Perimenopause Anxiety or Anxiety?

Distinguishing between perimenopause-induced anxiety and general anxiety can be tricky. This post offers insights on the difference and managing mental well-being during this phase. 


Coping with Food Cravings

Strategies for handling food cravings during perimenopause – fostering a balanced and mindful approach to nutrition. 

How to Be More Confident

Helping you towards self-confidence, exploring practical tips and mindset shifts to boost self-esteem. 


Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post Menopause

Understanding the various stages of menopause empowers women with insights into what to expect and how to navigate each phase. This post is the simple guide you need.

Improve Your Sleep

Sleep plays a critical role in your overall well-being. This post tries to unravel the mysteries of perimenopausal sleep disruptions and offers practical solutions. 


Eating for Mental Health 

Exploring the connection between nutrition and mental health to feel better every day. Nutrition is such an important part of wellness in perimenopause, don’t skip this post!

Strength Training Myths

Dispelling common myths around strength training, encouraging you to embrace this essential and empowering form of exercise. 


Cultivating a Positive Body Image

A blog post about your journey towards body positivity, promoting self-love, acceptance and wellness in perimenopause.

Rediscovering Passion and Purpose – Pursuing New Goals in Midlife

This post will help you get in the mindset to embark on new adventures and goals, reminding you that passion and purpose are ageless companions. 


Nurturing Your Health and Confidence

How can you navigate wellness in perimenopause with grace, fostering renewed health and confidence through mindful choices? Read to find out! 

Building Bone Health

Practical fitness and nutrition tips for maintaining strong and resilient bones during perimenopause and beyond menopause. 



Balancing Hormones Naturally: Nutrition Tips for Menopause

Explore natural approaches to hormonal balance through nutrition and promoting holistic well-being. 

Self-Care Rituals for Perimenopausal Women

In this blog, I highlight the significance of self-care practices and provide actionable self-care ideas to help you navigate perimenopause with grace and vitality. 


Understanding and Managing Weight Gain in Perimenopause

Shedding light on the complexities of weight gain during perimenopause and offering practical strategies for managing it effectively. 

Fitness for Managing Weight Gain Around the Stomach

Tailored fitness insights to tackle the specific challenge of weight gain around the stomach area during menopause. 


Vitamin D and Perimenopause

Exploring the importance of Vitamin D during perimenopause, unlocking its benefits for bone health, immune function, and mood regulation. 

Onto 2024!

As we wrap up this year and look towards the next together, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

What topics resonated with you, and what would you like to see more of in the upcoming year?

Here’s to a new year filled with vitality and well-being! 🌟💚

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4 ‘Essential ingredients’ check sheet
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4 ‘Essential ingredients’ check sheet
Sign up for your FREE checksheet to fall in love with your body and life during your perimenopausal years and beyond.