I was feeling super low and trapped in a situation I didn’t want to be in. Simultaneously, I felt guilty for feeling resentful of the caring responsibilities I felt trapped by. I’d got to the point where my life was feeling like a real chore and I felt I’d lost my purpose. Having semi-retired a couple of years ago, I’d lost a big part of who I was, and due to caring responsibilities, the new life I’d thought I was heading into felt constantly out of reach.

Right from the start I liked the structure of the sessions. They felt really empowering and inspiring. The programme felt like there was a lot of research behind it, it felt really solid, but also incredibly flexible. There’s enough in it to be able to adapt to individual needs; I never felt like I was on something pre-defined. Wherever I wanted or needed to go, there was a part of the programme that would allow me to go there. I’d expected to enjoy the sessions and get something from them, but I was not expecting to feel so completely transformed by the work we did together. I liked being accountable and committing to different actions each week. I’d been talking about getting back into art for absolutely ages, for example, but because I wasn’t prioritising my needs, I’d never got round to it. After the first session, I created my first piece of art in about 20 years.

Each week, I felt I was rediscovering the me I’d thought was lost. With each power type, it was like meeting an old and special friend I’d lost touch with. I rediscovered what I need and how to prioritise my needs, even in the difficult situation I found myself in. I’d expected to do some general planning and working out what I wanted to do with myself in my post-work life, but I’ve been able to make real changes in the here and now, as well as working through what I want and need for the future. I’ve even managed to change the way I approach my caring role. I’ve made changes, I’m planning more and I don’t feel guilty. I’ve even made some changes relating to how I interact with my family, which wasn’t even something I’d planned to cover in my sessions.

My future is no longer something that will start at some undefined point in the future when I’m free of my current responsibilities, it’s already started and I’ve got my mojo back.

Loliya is totally thorough in everything she does. I’ve worked with her for nutritional guidance, for personal training, for massage therapy and now for One of Many coaching. With everything she does, she makes sure she knows what she’s doing and demonstrates a complete knowledge and understanding of her field. This and her warm and approachable manner mean that I instantly felt I could trust her with what’s going on in my life. I was never in doubt that she’d know how to help me help myself. Loliya is understanding and compassionate, but also empowering. I’d say, if you’re hesitating and wondering whether to work with Loliya, do it. You won’t regret it.

Maria Cox, Brighton
Semi-retired Manager

Before working with Loliya, I was just coming off a year-long course in social innovation and enterprise. Whilst worthwhile, the course left me at loose ends, unsure of what to do next. I was freelancing for my old organisation part time and contemplating taking on a new business venture. I was also struggling to balance my time between things whilst maintaining a focus on my health and wellbeing.

Sessions with Loliya were always interesting and challenging in the best way yet comfortable. She was always positive and encouraging, helping me to see progress and wins even on weeks where I felt I hadn’t accomplished that much. She gave me many tools to help me organise competing priorities and ways to harness the right energies to embody to get things done. It was very helpful to have her holding me accountable to moving forward and yet she was never reproachful if I hadn’t managed to look at something.

I learned a lot about myself and how I look at things through working with Loliya. I was able to push through the noise to see what I really wanted to be doing and working on. As a result of working with Loliya, I now have a much clearer idea of what I want to do going forward and how to protect myself and my priorities in doing it.

I would absolutely recommend working with Loliya to others – especially if they are looking at a different, more holistic, maybe even spiritual approach to coaching. The female/ goddess centred approach was a great way to look at things and I loved learning about how to use different female goddess powertypes to use in life. I’m sure Loliya will be able to help others achieve their goals and learn a lot about themselves in the process.

Sarah Kingston, South London
Social Entrepreneur and Fundraising Consultant

When I started my sessions with Loliya, I’d hit a crossroads in my life. I was unhappy in my job, had lost the balance between home and work, and knew I needed a change, but couldn’t find the head space to know which direction to take. I had convinced myself that I had to choose between sticking with a sector that I love, or my wellbeing. I had grown to believe that I couldn’t have both.  I loved every one of my sessions with Loliya. I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but every week I learned something new about myself. The coaching tools are intuitive and easy to get to grips with, but flexible enough to stick to the ones that work and leave behind the ones that don’t fit as well. Months on and I still use them when I need to. The ‘homework’ was regular dedicated time to focus on my needs, realising how hard it was to find an hour for myself each week was my first big insight! Five months on from my first session with Loliya, I’m in a new job which I love. I’ve re-found old hobbies that I’d lost years before. I have more time for myself and my family, and I feel so much better equipped to be able to deal with the ups and downs of life. I don’t feel the pressure of needing to be superwoman all the time, constantly juggling work and home, I’m just happy being me. Loliya is fantastic. I would recommend anyone considering coaching to just go for it, you won’t regret it!

Rachel,  London
NHS Director 

I missed the body confidence I’d had 30 years ago and the hankering to put my diabetes into remission would not leave me. However, as a 60 year old, post-menopausal, diabetic and obese woman, fitness, weight loss, zero diabetes seemed a pretty unattainable goal and the gym an unwelcoming location.

Loliya was very personable and her approach very personalised. Engaging in the nutritional work was more challenging.  As well as being extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, I knew Loliya would be straight with me and hold me to account.  I needed to find the faith in myself to match her faith that I could do it.

The nutritional therapy sessions were great; simultaneously focussed and flexible, I felt in very good hands. I was keen and ready for the accountability but had not anticipated how much the coaching would turn this into something positive, a genuine learning opportunity, as clichéd as it sounds.

In the Pilates classes and personal training, I loved knowing the sessions were well planned, being praised for minor gains and having the sense that there was incremental challenge planned in.  Periodically there was the sudden you are doing something you never thought you’d be able to do.  I think Loliya’s planning was crucial but also the knowledge she brought to determine my capacity, next best steps and also how to work with the limitations of the injuries I had.

The twelve weeks that we worked on my nutrition brought sustainable changes in mindset, in my understanding of nutrition and in approaches to tweaking my diet, as well as a loss of a stone in weight and remission in my diabetes.  The inter-sessional tasks and reflections helped keep the goals and plans from getting lost in my busy week.  The outcomes exceeded my expectations to be honest.

I am now an intermittent fasting adherent, in healthy control of what I eat and drink and enjoying gains in confidence and in choosing clothes again.

I felt that there was no issue I could raise that would faze Loliya – from anxiety attacks, to lack of sleep to my attachment to my childish palette.


Glenys Andall,  London

I feel different having worked with Loliya; more focussed, positive and confident.  Loliya’s holistic approach has encouraged me to prioritise my selfcare so that I can be more helpful to those people around me who I really care about.

Loliya’s gentle guidance, helped me find my own strength and feel more empowered.  Her openness, positive energy plus plain old honesty and frankness is great to be around.

If you are thinking of working with Loliya I would recommend her 100% and instead of thinking “what if it doesn’t work?”  think ‘what if it does ….?” 


Elaine M 

Loliya always takes such good care of me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.


Victoria Soor
Events Organiser

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Loliya Harrison is a licensed women's vitality and life coach, a registered nutritional therapist, nutrigenomics practitioner, personal trainer and pilates teacher from North London. She supports menopausal, perimenopausal and postmenopausal women who want to reclaim their confidence, feel amazing and enjoy their life more.

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4 ‘Essential ingredients’ check sheet
Sign up for your FREE checksheet to fall in love with your body and life during your perimenopausal years and beyond.