Changing Seasons: Is There Life After Menopause?

As we come into Autumn it is normal to feel introspective.  You are probably familiar with the idea of our lives being reflected as archetypal seasons.

Whilst life does not necessarily follow the seasons to the letter, think about having children later in life (autumn) or having to be a carer in your younger years (spring), it is a nice analogy for looking at how to look after ourselves best through our lives and through each year and real seasons.

This article will look at each season, what it represents, and what you can do to take care of yourself throughout.

Your Life In Seasons

Spring Discovery

The spring of your life starts at your first period and this is a season for exploring the world and discovering who we are. We tend to rush through this season – in a hurry to get to the next.

Spring also brings the window of opportunity. It might come as meeting new people, a new job opportunity or an opportunity to start your own venture. It is a time to act on plans you made during the winter and build the groundwork for success later in the year.

Keep your goals in mind and don’t lose patience. Springtime represents vulnerability and fresh eyes so be bold but allow for mistakes too. 


Summer Expansion

Summer reflects ovulation and fertility. It is a time we expand and blossom into the world seeing success in business and starting families. This is the time your efforts show promise and your goals seem in reach and clearer than ever.

They are, however, not completed goals just yet so it is important to keep focused though and not be distracted by the summer distractions. You will feel full of energy and momentum but this is not the time to relax, as with Spring it is worthwhile remembering what your goals are and protecting your progress. Consistent effort is required to keep up your good habits.

You can keep yourself motivated daily by thinking of the end goal and your reasons to pursue it. Enjoy the momentum but do not give up!


Autumn Change

This is the beginning of perimenopause. Reflected in the real season’s change in weather, it is a time to come home instead of being ‘out there’. 

Reflection, slowing down and letting go are important qualities for our personal nourishment both in autumn and the premenstrual phase of life. Recognising this can save you from burnout and feeling as though you’ve failed.

This season should bring about the result of your previous efforts but also it is a chance to pause and take stock if things aren’t what you expected. Celebrate your success and accept your disappointments. 

Winter Reflection and Rebirth

Winter has always seemed bleak and final. It is no wonder then that when menopause is the winter of our lives things can feel hopeless and our of control. 

However, winter is a great time to find and connect with mentors, get advice and develop your skills and knowledge. Read books and follow courses and take time to reflect. 

Spring is always around the corner, and while menopause certainly is the nd of certain biological aspects of your being, it is a time for deep reflecting, and connecting with yourself and nature before entering into “second spring”


Second Spring: Welcome to The Secret Fifth Life Season

Aftr menopuase, you will not be able to conceive but a different kind of fertility becomes available. Perimenopause friends; this is not the end. 

Menopause give us time to prepare for “second spring” a creative and vital phase of life. Kate Codrington, author of Second Spring has the following words of wisdom to share:  

“I believe that all this postmenopausal joy slides under the radar because these women are too busy having a good time to be bothered to Instagram their adventures. They know that life is short and they’ve got stuff to do, or dreams to dream or gardens to tend. They have the benefit of the menopausal gift of discernment. This is the vital, creative fertility I mentioned at the beginning. If you are in perimenopause, feeling isolated and angry, there are good times ahead in Second Spring.

Many women find that their post-menopausal lives allowed them to let go of relationships and patterns that didn’t serve them as well as finding a real sense of themselves.

Finding the right support is key to helping you with this journey. A coach can help you navigate the fear and overwhelm and shed any shame or embarrassment you may feel. 

For more information on coaching, click here.

Or to read more on perimenopause, menopause, nutrition, fitness and mindset head to my blog here.


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4 ‘Essential ingredients’ check sheet
Sign up for your FREE checksheet to fall in love with your body and life during your perimenopausal years and beyond.
4 ‘Essential ingredients’ check sheet
Sign up for your FREE checksheet to fall in love with your body and life during your perimenopausal years and beyond.