Staying healthy when training for performance, dance and sports

Do you find when you increase your exercise intensity you feel less energetic and worry that you maybe doing more harm than good?  Or do you know young people who are passionate about dance or sport and are struggling to keep up with the high demands of training?


I was  fortunate enough to be interviewed by Craig Barley on his podcast In the House Seats.  Craig is a performer, choreography, vocalist, director, adjudicator and course director of Starquest Performing Arts.  Craig works with a lot of young people training them for careers in the performing arts.  We had a lot of fun talking nutrition and he wanted me to share my knowledge about staying healthy whilst meeting the high physical and mental demands of performing.


As you will hear, staying healthy isn’t just about a healthy diet.  It is also about the importance of recovery and managing stress levels.   When I use the word diet I’m not referring to any specific regime, but healthy eating habits in general.  This includes eating fruit, seeds and lots of colourful vegetables, adequate amounts of protein like eggs, fish, beans, meat, nuts, drinking plenty of water, complex carbohydrates and fibre such as sweet potatoes and wholegrains.



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