Qualifications and Experience

I have over the years gained extensive experience and qualifications in each of my ‘Pillars of Wellbeing’, to then enable me to share with other women my very effective approach.  (There are of course other beneficial techniques, such as yoga, which I am not qualified to teach).

Here are my key qualifications:

Nutrigenomics Practitioner using Lifecode GX – Nutrigenomics looks at how nutrition and other lifestyle factors impact our genes.  We can’t change our genes but we can change what we do to support them.  Nutrigenomics testing can help us make positive changes that align with our genetics and optimise our health and wellbeing.

ICF accredited ‘One of Many’ Licensed Women’s Coach  – this gives me the tools to help women deal with overwhelm, challenge limiting beliefs and emotions, set boundaries and give permission to prioritise needs and practise self care without feeling guilty.

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy – I trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, where I also worked as a diploma course tutor.

Level 3 Registered Personal Trainer – correct technique is so important when weight training, as is a well structured training programme that progresses at the right speed with built-in active recovery.

Advanced Pilates Instructor – gives the skills to work correcting movement patterns by working on deep core strength and posture.

Oxygen Advantage Breathing Instructor –  breath-work is a great recovery tool as well as a means of helping exercise feel more comfortable.  It’s also great for relaxation and coping with anxiety.

Certificate in Postural assessment and Corrective Exercise – assessing posture helps me decide the type of exercise I need to incorporate into a physical coaching programme to promote better, more confident, movement.

3rd Age Woman Menopause Transition Certification with Burrell Education – perimenopause, menopause and beyond is a time when the body undergoes big changes and needs much more specific support to help women enjoy what could be the best years of their life.

I’ve managed to acquire other qualifications over my (many) years, including:

BSc Honours degree in Physiology and Nutrition – this provided a solid foundation of knowledge of the body and how it works, and the importance of good nutrition to help the body work optimally.

Certificate in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice – Functional Medicine integrates individual history, genetic pre-disposition and lifestyle factors in order to design effective and personalised programmes.

Certificate in Pilates instructor for Orthopaedic Conditions – shoulder, back and hip joints start to become more achy as we get older so being able to tailor pilates to these troublesome areas is a great way to enable continued safe exercise.

Certificate in Pre and Post Natal exercise and pilates – pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the body and it is important we stay fit, strong and healthy throughout pregnancy, but also get back into exercise after birth.  This needs to be done safely whilst the body recovers from such a big physiological change.

Level 5 Remedial and Soft Tissue Massage Therapist – this helped me understand the body even more and how much can be done to help it when things go wrong.

Exercise to Music Certificate – I was a county-level 400 metre runner in my teens.  When I moved to London in the 80s, still in my 20s, I joined the aerobics and leg-warmer brigade.  This course was my first experience of teaching.  It gave me confidence and enthusiasm, and I went on to qualify as a Science Teacher.

PGCE in Science Teaching – teaching in a number of London schools really helped me with my own confidence and empathy for learners.  I also developed skills such as: patience, explaining, empowering, inspiring, evaluating, communicating, all which stand me in good stead now working as a coach.

Kettlebell instructor – amazing how much resistance training you can get out of one piece of equipment – affordable and space-saving, a kettlebell is perhaps the only piece of weights equipment you need at home.

Registered with BANT – Member of the British Association for Nutritional Therapists.

Registered with CNHC – Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

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Loliya Harrison is a licensed women's vitality and life coach, a registered nutritional therapist, nutrigenomics practitioner, personal trainer and pilates teacher from North London. She supports menopausal, perimenopausal and postmenopausal women who want to reclaim their confidence, feel amazing and enjoy their life more.

Source of statistics: thebms.org.uk


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4 ‘Essential ingredients’ check sheet
Sign up for your FREE checksheet to fall in love with your body and life during your perimenopausal years and beyond.