How Nutrigenomics Can Give Back Your Vitality for Your Career, Caregiving and Joy for Life.

Are you feeling weighed down by the challenges of perimenopause, struggling to maintain your role as a caregiver while also nurturing your own well-being?

As women, we often find ourselves trying to figure out our own way through this phase of life, each experience unique to our genetic makeup and lifestyle choices.

But what if there was a way to gain deeper insight into how our bodies work, allowing us to reclaim our vitality and find joy even when faced with the demands of careers, caregiving and life’s usual challenges? 

Introducing Nutrigenomics: Your Personalised Path to Vitality

Nutrigenomics is about understanding how nutrition and lifestyle factors influence your genetic potential.

Every woman’s genetic composition is different. This affects each of your experiences of perimenopause  These nuances of our genetic compositions influence the way perimenopause affects you.

From hormone balance to heart health, and metabolism to mental well-being, our genes play a pivotal role in shaping our experiences. 

With Nutrigenomic testing, you can uncover the secrets hidden within your DNA, helping you to make informed choices that align with your body’s unique needs.

Imagine a roadmap tailored specifically to you, guiding you toward a happier, healthier version of yourself. 

How Does Nutrigenomics Work? 

Nutrigenomics is based around the simple DNA test.

With just a non-invasive cheek swab, you can unlock a wealth of information about your genetic blueprint.

This comprehensive analysis delves into how your body responds to various foods, from gluten to caffeine, as well as your vitamin and mineral requirements, appetite control, and more. 

 I have recently completed my certification with Lifecode GX.

 Lifecode GX is a leader in genomic science, together, we can gain access to cutting-edge technology and gain greater understanding of what you need to great your personalised solution.

Together, we can take a proactive approach to your lifestyle and well-being, addressing potential health concerns before they escalate and tailoring a plan that nurtures your body and mind. 

Your Journey Back to Vitality  

With the Nutrient Core DNA Package, you can embark on a journey back to feeling like yourself again.

Say goodbye to trial and error and hello to targeted solutions that work with your unique physiology.

Together, we will go through a detailed health questionnaire coupled with genetic analysis to ensure that every recommendation I make is tailored to your specific needs. 

Picture a life where you wake up each day feeling energised, knowing you’re nourishing yourself in alignment with your genetic makeup.

It’s not about chasing a fleeting sense of joy but rather reclaiming the vitality that makes you, you!

Take the First Step Towards Living Your Best Life Today

 Don’t let perimenopause overshadow your ability to live fully and joyfully.

With Vitality Coaching and Nutrigenomics, you can reclaim your va-va-voom and embrace each day with renewed vigour.

Schedule a free consultation today to explore how Nutrigenomics can support you on your journey toward holistic well-being. 


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4 ‘Essential ingredients’ check sheet
Sign up for your FREE checksheet to fall in love with your body and life during your perimenopausal years and beyond.
4 ‘Essential ingredients’ check sheet
Sign up for your FREE checksheet to fall in love with your body and life during your perimenopausal years and beyond.