Foods to avoid when tackling weight loss

Are you finding it a struggle to lose weight and keep it off?  Are you gaining weight around your middle? Do you feel more tired these days? Are you developing food cravings? If you've answered yes to any of these questions and you are in your 40s or 50s, you...

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9 questions that will help you find a personal trainer

Whether you are struggling to sustain a healthy eating and exercise habit or not sure how to get started on an exercise programme, you may be asking yourself the question: Should I get a personal trainer?  There's no doubt that having a personal trainer can help you...

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Eating habits nutritionists TRY to AVOID on holiday

Going on holiday is a great way to take a break from the stresses and routines of normal life.  However for some people holidays mean over eating and drinking followed by a feeling of guilt and disappointment with themselves because they broke all the good eating...

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5 creative ways to make your summer salads interesting

A summer salad can be a super healthy meal.   But for some, salad means eating the same boring combination of thing lettuce, tomato and cucumber, feeling unsatisfied afterwards and looking around for something else to eat – often something a lot less healthy!  Would...

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Walking workout: turn my walking exercise into a workout

      Why is walking good Walking is a great form of exercise not only because it gets you out in the fresh air and allows you to be at one with nature but it also offers a number of health benefits: Burns calories so can help you to maintain or even lose...

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Chia seed porridge: a grain-free, dairy-free alternative

I came across this recipe after searching for a dairy and grain free porridge type breakfast.  A recent DNA test has revealed that I am slightly lactose intolerant, so I have decided to reduce my lactose intake.  I wanted a breakfast that wasn't grains, eggs, avocado...

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I am a certified women's vitality and life coach, a registered nutritional therapist, personal trainer and pilates teacher from London. I support menopausal/perimenopausal women reclaim their confidence, feel amazing and enjoy their life more.

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